Tuesday, February 14, 2006

odds and ends

ok, mega meet market, you folks put economies of scale in blog meets.

isn't all of this blogging kind of a waste? i mean with all these fruitcakes looking to join up together, shouldn't we be starting a religion or something?

anyway, business at hand:

1) we ran out of rooms yesterday, i added 10 more to our block "texas blodgers". they also added rooms with king sized beds so if you would rather one of those, please call divia at 512-472-8211 and she will trade you out at the group rate.

2) we have a shuttle bus!! it seats eleven and will pick you up at the airport and drop us around downtown austin for free. again, save the number above. it is the hotel's local phone.

3) skinny dippers: the pool is under construction. however, we ALWAYS need something to blog about so go ahead and bring the swim suit. exhibitionists are always welcome at a blown-eyed blodger get together!

4) even though the pool is being retiled, there is a terrace overlooking the construction that should hold us all and continue to serve as our gathering, smoking, abbey road guitar playing facility. sixth floor, not tenth, i was mistaken

5) i finally got an online booking code: TBL. in fact we got an event website even, it's here. anyways, most of you are booked, but those that aren't now have easy access to the site.

6) if anyone is looking to share a room, please leave word or email me. right now i have one male blodger offering, and one female blodger needing an offer. surely there are more out there considering a blown-eyed bunk mate? y'all just shout it out, and we will get on it dawg gone it