Monday, May 01, 2006


Did everyone survive?

Anyone who did not make it home alive, please speak up.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

last minute importance

things you do not want to forget:

1. cool clothing~ it's been hawt down here in texas and it may just be a sweat fest to rival nola '05

2. sun screen, hat, sunglasses

3. collapsable lawn chairs~ especially locals, if you have a few extra, will you bring em? with all the many out of staters coming, i'm guessing seating might run a little tight.

4. printed directions to the salt lick and a cooler~again, with all the out of staters, cooler space will be a dearly needed commodity. locals, drinking or not, will you please bring a cooler to ice down an out-of-staters beveys?

5. d.o.c.~mine is advil, but bring whatever meds you need to put you in your happy place.

6. cell number to another blodger in case you get lost or sleep through half the meet, and go ahead and memorize the hotel & shuttle #512-472-8211

7. camera & film~take all the compromising photos you wish, but please do not post them on your blogs. many of us are just a picture away from losing our jobs. others of us are just horrifically unphotogenic and don't like seeing our goofy ass mugs on your blabspot.

i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot, but that's all i could think up for now. any more must brings in the comments, please.

see ya'll on friday!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things To Do In Austin When You're Drunk

Rifle Practice From The UT Tower Is NOT Recommended...

Shoe & Christina were kind enough to give over the keys to the BlodgerFest site so's I could speak a piece. Normally Baboon Pirates tend to mark any new territory so they feel at home. Y'know, fling some poo, drink up all the rum, maybe run off with the silverware. This place still has that new blog smell, so I'll be on my best behavior!

Austin's been a 3rd Texas home to me over the years. My favorite-est aunt & uncle live there, and my Dad had a house up near Justin & Lamar for some years, eventually turning it over to my sister before she got hitched and moved out to Kyle, TX.

I've found some baboonalicious things to do in Austin over the years, and I'm gonna share 'em with you!

Best Free Show - The Congress Street Bats - Every night at dusk, about a gazillion Mexican free-tailed bats come swarming out from under the bridge and go flapping off into the sunset in search of their nightly feast of 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of mo-skeeters and other insects. Don't miss the bat-hat vendors!

Best Breakfast - The Omelettry - Located at Burnet & 49th, The Omelettry will serve up omelets as big as your head, and some wondrous gingerbread pancakes ("Prozac on a Plate"). Get there early, or plan to wait, it gets crowded. They'll pour you some coffee while you wait for your table, though!

Best Non-Alcoholic Drink - Lemonade at Player's - Player's (which better still be open at MLK & Guadalupe!) serves up a pretty decent burger, but the real draw is the lemonade. I've never had better, anywhere. They must use lemons fertilized with crack cocaine or something. I've driven 50 miles out of my way for some of this sweet nectar!

Best Hole In The Wall - The Hole In The Wall - It was shut down for a while, but Austin's smallest live music venue is back up and running! I can't count the times I lugged amps & drum kits in and out of here back in my roadie days. It's on Guadalupe (The Drag!) across from UT campus. If you pass the Jack In The Box, you've gone too far!

Best French Fries - Hyde Park Bar & Grill - Good sammiches, great fries, and a nice cozy little neighborhood eatery. Worth seeking out. 4206 Duval St

Best Grocery Store - Central Market - This is where God shops when he's throwing a bash. You need it? They've probably got it. From demiglace to dill weed, it's a gourmet's paradise. A better beer & wine selection than almost any licka sto'. Two locations in Austin.

Best Bookstore - Book People - Largest Bookstore in Texas! These folks carry such a wide selection, you think you're in the Library of Congress, only with price tags. The price tags ain't cheap, but if you're looking for that obscure mystery series you read back in 1978, it's probably on the shelf. Makes the selection at Barnes & Noble & Borders look like the paperback rack at the drug store. 6th & Lamar

Best Music Selection - Waterloo Records - Second verse, same as the first. Great independent music store, with knowledgable, non-snooty help. 6th & Lamar (across the street from Book People)

Best Tequila Drink - Mexican Martini at The Tavern - You're never too far from 12th and Lamar! Ask for a dirty Mexican martini. It's basically a margarita with a dash of olive brine (for the salt!) served in a HUGE martini glass. They also leave the martini shaker, so you really get a drink & a half. Worth every penny, but after 4 of 'em, best call a cab!

See y'all around town!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Are you Hungry?

El Capitan has graciously undertaken the responsibility for securing Friday night's reservations at The Salt Lick.

Date: Friday, April 28, 2006
Time: 7:30 p.m.

Map and directions are here.

Menu and prices are here.

Be advised, The Salt Lick is CASH only.

It is also BYOB.

See you there!

i didn't invite the motherfuckers

i don't really think i'm qualified to speak on behalf of the jawja blodgers. i'm not from jawja, i don't sound particularly southern, and my blodgefather is tennessean. however, i dig the jawja bunch, always have, always will. almost all my blogroll is jawjan or a jawjan decendent, odd but true. i even blodged about it in my youth, i called it area 51, the birthplace of blodgeland.

here's what i know for sure, jawjans, or "blown-eyeds" if you are being more geographically inclusive, are a pretty fun loving bunch. we love to grab a beer and sit in a beautiful setting and yak yak yak til dawn. lots of the blown-eyeds are musically inclined, so there is an inevitable "pick & veg" at every meet. EVERY blodger i've met i've enjoyed, but the meets have all been different. kind of like a reunion, you just gravitate to those you read and know.

if ya'll don't want to go to eeyore's because there are hippies there, then you are missing the point. there is a wide open, free festival where we can congregate. beer is on sale and freaks aplenty. blodge material like you have never imagined, plus it's a historic austin happening. potato sack races, egg toss, i mean~sheesh~what more could one hope for, really? if you can't STAND liberals then let me be the first to warn your sheltered ass, YOU WILL NOT LIKE AUSTIN. same goes for guy forsyth. he's a liberal, no shit mike, but i don't listen to his music because i give a rat's ass for his political views. i mean seriously, do you only listen to right wing inspired tunes? is that even possible? you threw me through a loop with that one.

and i apologize to any newcomers who feel like they don't know what to expect. we just never stick to an agenda, so setting one seemed pretty stupid. as for what's going on? this isn't a seminar. it's a get-together of blodgers who read each other. that is all, do what you will with it. it will be as fun as you make it.

and we could have planned out a whole bunch of things to do, but a lot of folks need space. a lot of blown-eyeds, and you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, are so socially retardant that they actually have these web pages on the internet and their whole life is out there for any dumbfuck-up-late-at-night to read. what fucking losers!! anyhow, these internet geeks often have little social skills and milky complexions and that's why they need props like bandwith and troll expulsion techniques and all that other high end blodge speak...and like i said, many are totally socially inept and impossible to corral. oh well.

disappointed already? sorry bout your luck and welcome to the party, you'll fit in just fine. see you in two weeks. WOOT!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

time's running out...

ok, feverish folks

i got your cure, trust me, it'll only hurt a little.

urgent info, now: our $85 room rate runs out on the 6th of april. if you are coming, get serious and get a room now. the hotel already claims they are full friday night. so if you haven't booked a room yet, call the local number below (the 512 #) and ask for divia and she will do her best to squeeze you in at the group rate. now i mean it. we have 40 people saying they are coming and only 14 with rooms. you do the math. no matter how you slice it, we are low on cabin space so call Divia TODAY!!

as for agendas, there won't be any. the pool will be empty but construction won't start til after we are there. we will continue to gather at down times by the pool. if we are rained out, they said we could use the second story of the restaurant to hang out, so there's that.

there were a few things missing on the agendas or if you rather, modified flexible to do lists.
i will be going to the salt lick fri nite, pedicure saturday morning, eeyore's birthday party saturday afternoon....and iffen i'ma still walkin, i'll be going to maudi's for dinner and the saxon pub to see guy forsyth play at 11. i think the free shuttle can get us to all of em. that's a full day, wouldn't you say? see the confabulator's site on the side bar for more easy to read to dos.

i hope to hang with each of you at some of those action items. you jes let me know. and see you poolside in just under a month!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

AND...She's off and running!

Never one to let grass grow between her toes, Miz Beth has her nose to the ground and been scoping out things to do at the end of April.

On the evening of Friday, April 28, 2006 there will be a significant blog contingent heading over to The Salt Lick for dinner. It is CASH only and BYOB because it is in a dry county.

There's talk of shooting things on Saturday, April 29th, as well as a list of possible meeting places.

Go HERE, please for more details. Thanks, Beth.

We all recognize bloggers are independent and resent being told what to do. No one is making any attempt to dictate to anyone. If you have your heart set on something specific or a general idea or two of what you would like to do, please shout out.

By all means, don't be shy.

After all, what would your readers think?!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Updates have been attempted...

However, Blogger Template has not cooperated.

I added some bloggers to the list of those who will be attending and saved the template, but have not been able to republish this blog due to this error:

001 EOF while reading from control connection

If someone could kindly explain what that means, updates can continue.

In the meantime, I understand Beth has a planning gene or two to spare and if you would like to participate in a little firing range action, please contact her at her place. Her email appears at the upper right hand corner of her blog.

Thank you!