Tuesday, April 04, 2006

time's running out...

ok, feverish folks

i got your cure, trust me, it'll only hurt a little.

urgent info, now: our $85 room rate runs out on the 6th of april. if you are coming, get serious and get a room now. the hotel already claims they are full friday night. so if you haven't booked a room yet, call the local number below (the 512 #) and ask for divia and she will do her best to squeeze you in at the group rate. now i mean it. we have 40 people saying they are coming and only 14 with rooms. you do the math. no matter how you slice it, we are low on cabin space so call Divia TODAY!!

as for agendas, there won't be any. the pool will be empty but construction won't start til after we are there. we will continue to gather at down times by the pool. if we are rained out, they said we could use the second story of the restaurant to hang out, so there's that.

there were a few things missing on the agendas or if you rather, modified flexible to do lists.
i will be going to the salt lick fri nite, pedicure saturday morning, eeyore's birthday party saturday afternoon....and iffen i'ma still walkin, i'll be going to maudi's for dinner and the saxon pub to see guy forsyth play at 11. i think the free shuttle can get us to all of em. that's a full day, wouldn't you say? see the confabulator's site on the side bar for more easy to read to dos.

i hope to hang with each of you at some of those action items. you jes let me know. and see you poolside in just under a month!