Sunday, April 23, 2006

last minute importance

things you do not want to forget:

1. cool clothing~ it's been hawt down here in texas and it may just be a sweat fest to rival nola '05

2. sun screen, hat, sunglasses

3. collapsable lawn chairs~ especially locals, if you have a few extra, will you bring em? with all the many out of staters coming, i'm guessing seating might run a little tight.

4. printed directions to the salt lick and a cooler~again, with all the out of staters, cooler space will be a dearly needed commodity. locals, drinking or not, will you please bring a cooler to ice down an out-of-staters beveys?

5. d.o.c.~mine is advil, but bring whatever meds you need to put you in your happy place.

6. cell number to another blodger in case you get lost or sleep through half the meet, and go ahead and memorize the hotel & shuttle #512-472-8211

7. camera & film~take all the compromising photos you wish, but please do not post them on your blogs. many of us are just a picture away from losing our jobs. others of us are just horrifically unphotogenic and don't like seeing our goofy ass mugs on your blabspot.

i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot, but that's all i could think up for now. any more must brings in the comments, please.

see ya'll on friday!!