Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i didn't invite the motherfuckers

i don't really think i'm qualified to speak on behalf of the jawja blodgers. i'm not from jawja, i don't sound particularly southern, and my blodgefather is tennessean. however, i dig the jawja bunch, always have, always will. almost all my blogroll is jawjan or a jawjan decendent, odd but true. i even blodged about it in my youth, i called it area 51, the birthplace of blodgeland.

here's what i know for sure, jawjans, or "blown-eyeds" if you are being more geographically inclusive, are a pretty fun loving bunch. we love to grab a beer and sit in a beautiful setting and yak yak yak til dawn. lots of the blown-eyeds are musically inclined, so there is an inevitable "pick & veg" at every meet. EVERY blodger i've met i've enjoyed, but the meets have all been different. kind of like a reunion, you just gravitate to those you read and know.

if ya'll don't want to go to eeyore's because there are hippies there, then you are missing the point. there is a wide open, free festival where we can congregate. beer is on sale and freaks aplenty. blodge material like you have never imagined, plus it's a historic austin happening. potato sack races, egg toss, i mean~sheesh~what more could one hope for, really? if you can't STAND liberals then let me be the first to warn your sheltered ass, YOU WILL NOT LIKE AUSTIN. same goes for guy forsyth. he's a liberal, no shit mike, but i don't listen to his music because i give a rat's ass for his political views. i mean seriously, do you only listen to right wing inspired tunes? is that even possible? you threw me through a loop with that one.

and i apologize to any newcomers who feel like they don't know what to expect. we just never stick to an agenda, so setting one seemed pretty stupid. as for what's going on? this isn't a seminar. it's a get-together of blodgers who read each other. that is all, do what you will with it. it will be as fun as you make it.

and we could have planned out a whole bunch of things to do, but a lot of folks need space. a lot of blown-eyeds, and you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, are so socially retardant that they actually have these web pages on the internet and their whole life is out there for any dumbfuck-up-late-at-night to read. what fucking losers!! anyhow, these internet geeks often have little social skills and milky complexions and that's why they need props like bandwith and troll expulsion techniques and all that other high end blodge speak...and like i said, many are totally socially inept and impossible to corral. oh well.

disappointed already? sorry bout your luck and welcome to the party, you'll fit in just fine. see you in two weeks. WOOT!