Wednesday, December 07, 2005


alright, alright, it's on.

Austin April 28-30, the blown-eyeds invade texas.

whether or not you are staying at the hotel, please drop me an email to chouchope at gmail dot com to be included in future correspondence.

the hotel accomodations are set. we will be staying at the holiday inn town lake in Austin. the rate is $85 per night. we have 15 rooms on hold until april 7th. however, if you are coming, book a room. occupancy around downtown austin is already tight that weekend. if you don't get one of our saved rooms, you may not get one even close.

so snap em up people. "Texas Blodgers" is the key. 1-888-465-4329.

sorry, don't have a code yet for online booking. will update as soon as i can.