Sunday, January 29, 2006


wow, there are a lot of people coming to the meet in austin.

people keep asking me, what are we doing? let me be the first to tell you, i haven't a clue. hear me out, i'm not being a smart ass.

i have attended three blogmeets now. gosh, i feel like such a veteran. anyways, near as i can tell, they are always dynamic events. in order for one to plan activities for guests, one would have to know the guests, their desires, and which said guests would be sober during which part of the day.

not my problem.

we have people coming in from tennessee, new jersey, georgia, illinois, ohio, north carolina, pennsylvania, even our own new orleans survivor. if we can just get princess cat here, i think the entire nucleus of the straight white family will have made it to a reunion. wow, i can't help but be excited.

there are lots of things going on that weekend in austin. we will plot out some meet up destinations, so if you feel like hooking up with the blodgers you will have an idea of where we are. but if there is something ala texas you feel you must do or see, by all means give a shout out in the comments and we will make it so.

we have a good texan to visitor ratio, we should be able to greet you with the coveted blown-eyed blodger handshake at the airport. when you get your flight secured, send me an email with the details. texans who want to help shuttle in our out of towners, also drop me an email.

the hotel is home base/recovery. there is an outdoor pool on the tenth floor, so we are planning on commandeering that for the hang out at home locale. more to come.

and no zonker, i still don't have an online booking code. sorry, bro.